Under His Hand

The journal of a slave

Question for the farmers.


I’m extremely attracted to the idea of having my breasts hooked up to a milking machine.

Not a breast pump, nothing designed for humans.

It’s not even about the breast milk as neither Master nor myself want the milk for any reason. It’s more about forcing my body to do something. Forced lactation, yes, but not in any sensuous, erotic way. I want to be tied down, hooked up, and drained.

The problem is we are not farmers. I’ve never so much as laid eyes on a cow milking machine. I don’t even know if the suction of a standard milking machine is sufficient enough to cause pain or discomfort, or if it’s no stronger than your typical breast pump.

So that’s my question for the dairy farmers. What is the reality of hooking my breast up to a cow milking machine? And.. does anyone have any videos of it? I found the picture above, which is weird with the four breasts.. but still makes me twitch.

And then there is this:


From a gallery at Device Bondage. (In fact, if you follow that link and watch the free trailer, there is one quick scene where it looks like she’s being shocked with something.)

Everytime Master and I walk through the local farm supply shop (which is an excellent source of pervy toys, btw), I have to drag him away from the cattle prod section. He wants one. BAD. I do not want one, just as badly.

Of course it scares me. I just don’t have anything in my past s&m experience to compare it to. I know that the prods are used on people, and apparently safely used as the videos I’ve watched haven’t been snuff films. But… still.. the thought of it makes my stomach flop inside out and I think I might pee my panties.

Which is precisely why, when I’m deep in one of those dark fantasies with my hands stuffed down my britches, it’s this cattle prod that’s lurking on the edges.

I know he’ll get it. Someday. I know he’ll use it on me. Someday. What I *don’t* know is when. Tomorrow? Next month? Next year? They’re affordable too, which lessens my chances of avoiding it forever. They’re about $20-$50.

So, anyone have that experience? Someone? Please?

And last, here’s a free video for you. Not of me! From Wasteland.com. It’s not all that “extreme” as far as my tastes in bdsm porn go, but something about the man’s locked on neck chain while he dominates the girl perturbs me.

I’m well informed of switches and such, but.. I don’t know. I don’t think I could submit, even for one scene, to a man wearing such a visible symbol of submission to someone else. It would completely fuck with my perception. And I’m not saying he is a slave or whatever, he may just find the chain to be really neat-o fetish wear. But for me, in my world, having that chain padlocked around MY neck is pretty symbolic.