Under His Hand

The journal of a slave

Weekend Recap

Wow. Rambling from me. What a surprise…;)

Master and I had a very nice weekend off together. Master has every weekend off, I work every other one. So I value those 4 days a month.

Friday night Master had me lay on the floor at the foot of the bed and He chained my wrists to my waist, and chained my feet up to the footboard. My tits were tied, though fairly loosely, but He put the clover clamps on. For some reason the clovers just plain hurt. And not in that hurts-so-good way either. They just are not my favorite clamps.

Lying there on the floor, with my legs up and my ass hanging out, you’d think you would get used to being seen in humiliating and degrading positions when you live with a sadist. Yet every time, it eats at you a little bit. I wonder if the day you stop blushing, or stop wiggling in embarrassment, is the day you stop liking it.

Master could see me from where He sat at the comp, doing His thing. After a time I requested to be blindfolded. It’s sort of a childish “if I can’t see You, You can’t see me” type of thing for me with the blindfold.

Occasionally He walked over to slap at me, tug on the clovers, to kneel over my head and have me suck Him. Twice He fucked me. The first time, He squirted all over my face and chest and it had to have been the longest cum in history. When He was done, I felt soaked in cum. It was dripping and running down my face and neck, down my sides, it tickled like all hell and I kept squirming, trying to wipe the drips up.
But when He pulled those clovers off. OhMyGod. That pain was bad enough but He then attacked my nipples with His teeth and tongue, sucking and biting. I just remember begging please stop Master that hurtssss. His response was something to the effect of liking the way my pussy clenched when He did that. I will begin pussy control exercises immediately to alleviate *that* little betrayal…lol.

I don’t really remember what went on the rest of the night. I think Master just put me to bed…:)

Saturday day we bummed around, driving to rummage sales and thrift stores. Master and I both love rummage sales, I think because we are both cheap..lol. Master didn’t really find anything but me and the kid got some good books. Anne Rice for her, Danielle Steele for me. My kid is fascinated with vampires, she’s only 12 and Anne Rice will be quite a challenge for her but she’s smart and I don’t doubt she’ll read it.

Saturday night I got in trouble. I can’t even remember the sequence of events now. I think I was just generally grumpy and not feeling at all slavely. At bedtime, I complained (bitched) about something or other and refused to lay where Master wanted me to and then complained that He was making me hot. Well. The floor, just for general information, is *not* hot, or comfortable and it’s kind of scary down there. He was nice enough to give me a pillow but no blanket. I kept waking Him up though (i am so afraid of the dark, baby-ish I know) so I think He let me back into bed just so He could sleep. I was down there long enough to know that I don’t want to be there again.

Sunday we didn’t do a damn thing and it felt great. I didn’t even have to do my chores. We had some leisurely sex, watched some scary-ish movie and I cooked up some burgers and fries. I even left the dishes for today. A slave could get mighty used to days like that!

On a side note, I’m irritated as hell with geocities. What’s the point in making a website if it’s down every time you go there? Does anyone know any other cheap-ish domains?