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April A to Z — I is for…

I is for If it rains ima be pissed.

We are on our way to my very first ever major league baseball game and I’m super excited. I love baseball!

It’s the Astros vs the Tigers and while I’m technically a Cubs fan I can handle rooting for someone else as long as I get a hot dog and peanuts and the full experience.

But the weather is sketchy and the forecast is dicey so chant it with me: rain, rain go away!

Edit: never mind. It’s a covered stadium lol.

4 Responses to “April A to Z — I is for…”

  • clf

    that sounds like a blast!! hope it was a successful outing…eat some junk food for me please!!! :) i love taking the kiddos to baseball games…living near houston we dont do it nearly enough…

  • ancilla ksst

    I love the ball park! I’m not so excited about baseball on TV, but actually going to the park to see it is so fun. I grew up in St. Louis and we went to see the Cardinals play quite a few times- way up in the cheap seats and then sneak down after a while when no one cares about that.

  • saemus

    GO CUBS!

  • Sir Ira

    Nice read.


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