Under His Hand

The journal of a slave

A little debauchery never killed no one.

Well howdy, stranger! Long time no post. We’ve been busy busy busy but before I launch into that, here’s a little tale of debauchery I want to share.

Imagine, if you will, a beautiful woman. A woman with tits like BAM! and an ass like BAM! She’s delightfully eager and willing and open. This gorgeous creature mentions to us that she might be interested in a deep throating experience.

Now imagine Master’s hesitation. He had to think it over. Debate it. Weigh the pros and cons…

Oh, you can’t imagine that bit? Right. Me, neither. Because he didn’t hesitate AT ALL, lol. (Neither did I, as a matter of fact.)

She shows up at our house with gifts. A lovely bouquet of flowers for me, and for him, a bottle of lube. Heh. And a sense of humor, too? Amazing.

We didn’t waste too much time on pleasantries. Oh not that he started waving his dick around at the door, but she was curious about the contents of our toy collection and sat on the floor rifling through, holding up various things that M just couldn’t resist attaching to whichever one of us was handiest. It was fun, a great ice breaker. I mean, how shy can one be when one’s cunt is spread open to look like a mini-trampoline?

IMG_1421 - Copy

She didn’t walk away from the toybox unscathed either. Master just loves to bring out the unconventional toys.


And these, which she thought were pretty and while I agree that they are pretty (especially on her!), they are useless clamps. She can have them!

clamp (2)

After much laughing and messing around, Master finally started waving his dick around. He has a gorgeous cock. He really does. It’s thick and meaty and fat. It’s beautiful to look at, beautiful to fuck.

It is the *worst* cock for blow jobs, though. Unless you’re Julia Roberts because her jaw is HUGE. Mine, on the other hand? Not so big. So NOT big, in fact, that I’ve had dentists comment on how small my palate is. My mouth and Master’s dick are the worst couple since Rihanna and Chris Brown.

As a result of this awful pairing, I don’t deep throat very often, which leads to I don’t deep throat very well. Not only because my gag reflex is easier to provoke than a Chihuahua because honestly, he likes the gagging for two reasons. 1) He likes how my throat convulses around his dick when I gag, and, 2) I’m woefully weak in the pelvic floor and when I gag, I pee. He likes the pee. No, I do not know why. Probably because I find it incredibly humiliating to piss myself like a child. He likes to make me all pissy against my will and then flip me over and fuck my pissy cunt and then wipe his pissy cock all over my face. What can I say? He’s a freak. ~nods~

Where was I? Oh, right. Deep throat.

The main reason that I don’t deep throat him very often is because, as we already established, his dick is too fat, my mouth is too small, and it hurts him. My naughty, unmovable teeth just scrape and scrape at the tender pink sides of his too-fat cock until he has angry red lines all up and down the length (cue sympathetic but insincere ‘aww’ sound effects) and then he gets all whiny and pouty and– it’s just not pretty to have a whiny, pouty Dom. Really.

So, blow jobs are fine as long as I keep it away from my molars, but deep throating… well, he’s kind of a baby not that much of a masochist.

But he sucked it up for the purposes of helping this fine young lady have an experience, and he used me a little bit first to get things “primed”, if you know what I mean. He was much gentler with me compared to normal. I suspect he didn’t want to scare her away before he got his dick in her mouth (wink) as she already looked a little nervous and I imagine seeing him smothering me with his cock and/or fucking my face like a jackhammer might have made her change her mind. So he was… nice. Slow and gentle and he even stopped to let me breathe– but not before I gagged and peed. ~le embarrassed sigh~

We shared a little bit then, her and I, kneeling next to each other in front of him. I’m sure that was difficult for him, the poor poor dear, having to choose which mouth to poke his penis into. He gets ALL THE SYMPATHY!!, doesn’t he? No. No, he does not.

She very much enjoyed playing. Such a playful spirit.




I think she must have had some practice before, though, because look how….


…easily it went down.


Such a good girl. He was very pleased.

He tried me again, this time in the ever-popular upside-down position. It does slide down easier that way, but I’m no better at not gagging and his cock is no smaller no matter what the angle. My teeth still rub him raw. He might have stopped sooner had he not gotten distracted by the sexy shananigans of a minxy princess who had parked herself between my legs and who, apparently, has something of a pee fetish herself.

Because each time he made me gag, she got closer and closer to me and, unbeknownst to me she had “silently begged him with her eager eyes to lick her pissy cunt” (her words) and then I felt her hot little tongue slide between my lips and capture my clit.

I’ll just say that somewhere along the way she’s had some serious practice at girl-on-girl action because very quickly I was wriggling under her face and Master was pulling his dick out of my mouth for his own protection. (What? I clench when I come. Sorry!)

We swapped places then, her and I, so she could have a chance at the upside down angle of deep throating. That was hot hot HOT to watch. She had these cute little baby-gags but he was able to slide down pretty far and pretty easy.


It was so hot watching from my view. All I could see was her bottom lip wrapped around his cock and her pierced cunt clenching with each quiet gag. So sexy that I dipped in for a taste, tangling my tongue around the rings in her pussy. How erotic is that tiny metallic clink when you’re swirling your tongue, huh? Very. That’s how much.

Master still hadn’t come yet (show off) so he thought he’d put me under the desk while she watched. I don’t get the fascination of the under-the-desk experience as it would seem quite boring to me to watch me getting fucked, especially in that capacity because there’s not supposed to be much moving or noise coming from me… but she wanted to see and he wanted to fuck so under the desk I went and she was soon fingering herself and making all sorts of pretty noises.

She didn’t want to be fucked, at least not with his dick, but she didn’t seem to object to his fingers helping her along and soon she and I were side by side, on our hands and elbows, with his cock in me and his fingers in her, moaning almost in unison it seemed.

A few slaps on the ass for both of us, equal and symmetrical, of course (that damn symmetry is NOT a thing) and he was ready for a new position. More sucking, and then she took him, heading for the finish line. I think he was caught in that “Shit. This feels too good to stop!” place that tends to do my jaw, cunt and ass in but with two, he didn’t stand a chance and soon enough he was lolling in orgasmic bliss.

She got a little too tongue-happy at the end of his orgasm, flickering over those overstimulated nerve endings in the head of his dick (Ha. How’s it feel?!) and he squealed like a girl and flapped his hands in the air like a girl and probably lost a few dom-points. It made me smile because, yeah, I don’t get to do that to him but HOW DOES IT FEEL, MOFO?! ~sweet smile~

Anyway! Whew. What a night, right? I mean, she SAYS she only came over to pick up her sweater and to watch me give him a blow job. Next thing you know everyone’s naked, pissy, sweaty, drooly, and covered in come!

That’s how things roll at the house of the empty nest.


11 Responses to “A little debauchery never killed no one.”

  • sin

    You are a great story teller. I hope she comes back. (I did giggle a little at him losing Dom points at the end with that squealing like a girl and the HOW DOES IT FEEL, MOFO?!)


  • ancilla ksst

    Those oversize novelty clothespins are hilarous!

    And lucky Scott, huh?
    My Master was a wee bit jealous until I reminded him of all his recent adventures with other women, then he’s like “Oh yeah” and got this big smile. :)

    I am loving your house of the empty nest so hard!

  • Magdalene

    Now I want to come over and pick something up.

  • little monkey

    Can I mail you a sweater?

    I laughed so hard at the flappy hands, squeaking like a girl…snicker

  • Don W

    Sounds like a good time was had by all :-)

    On another subject, how are your nipple piercings doing?

    – Don

  • Dr_BuzzCzar


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  • dawn

    Awesome the way you tell things. When you bring details to light i alwyas say,, ohh yeah thats happens to me too. Especially when sucking cock. SOO hapy i am not the only one that tinkles when deep throated… :)

  • L

    Don’t you use condoms with other people?

    • kaya

      Depends on who it is and what we know about them, what the activity is, etc. We know we’re clean, we know she’s clean, they didn’t have intercourse so no condom needed. But yes, he has some. He uses them when necessary.

  • Kat

    Love your posts. Have read them for awhile. Don’t get why Master wants you to lose weight, yet the “toy” looks same size as you!


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