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Social Butterfly

Earlier this month we attending our local munch night. It was the first time we’ve gone since January. I mean, when I say we stepped away I mean we stepped the fuck away, lol.

There were a lot of new faces- though I guess WE were the new faces as far as they were concerned. I didn’t like that, if I’m to be honest. I didn’t like feeling like we hadn’t done our part to uphold the little group we have. Whether the reasons are valid or not doesn’t matter so much. Some months they were, some months we were just too lazy to go. But we need it, and more importantly, other people need it. The socializing, the network, meeting and having other people who do the same and feel the same and who reassure you you aren’t the freak you suspect you may be.

Well, you ARE a freak but at least you have good company. ;-)

So! We went and as always we had a good time with good chatter with good people. And we’re really going to try and be more involved. Certainly our schedule has opened up enough to allow it. We’re still tethered by some things (M’s work and on-call schedule, primarily) but we can do more. We can BE more.

We had Jack and Jill over for dinner and discussed further plans for broadening our horizons and working at keeping our group active and interested. We may not have a lot of events here in the U.P. but there are events not too far away. Have kink, will travel.

We’re taking the first step and having a get-together of the non-vanilla variety here at our house next month. Which mostly means that I have a shitload of work to do to clear out a space big enough to set up at least a piece or two of equipment.

And then M’s got a bug up his butt about sharp, pointy things and my bits (which don’t belong in the same sentence, if you ask me). That’s got me a bit nervous I have to say.

AND I had lunch with a friend yesterday. I’ve done more socializing this month than I’ve done all year.

The purging is going well. Not as fast as I’d like, but it’s going. I’ve taken 2 loads of stuff to Goodwill, one truck load to the dumpster and made plans to place other items with friends. Sadly, it’s not done. It’s not even my stuff, dammit. It’s leftovers from kids moving here, there and everywhere. Ugh. Seriously hate clutter. It drives me CRAZY.

Speaking of moving here, there and everywhere and driving me crazy, Jes texts me last night and says “hey mom, guess what? Depending on how things go in Syria, my husband might deploy and if he deploys, can I come home while he’s

~cackles madly and goes to beat my head against the wall~

5 Responses to “Social Butterfly”

  • ancilla ksst

    Just say no. She’s a grown up.

  • Anonymous

    Would you be able to set boundaries and say “you can move back to the area, but not in with us”? I totally understand wanting to be somewhere that you know you have a support network when your spouse is deployed, but that doesn’t mean she needs to be in your house. I once knew someone who moved to NYC every time her husband deployed (yes, really). She didn’t get along with the other base wives and was very much into fashion and the sorts of things that NYC is known for. When he was deployed to Germany, she moved with him, but every time he was in Iraq, she’d head back to NYC. She, however, also still had job contacts and they didn’t have kids. She did have the dog, but seemed to be okay finding apartments that would allow a German Shepherd (actually from Germany, adopted when living with her husband on-base there).

    • alyson

      Oops that was me. I forgot to fill out the name/e-mail fields.

  • kaya

    Well, yes. Sort of. I kind of suspect she won’t WANT to live in this house with us anyway. You know how it is once they get that taste of independence (I’m including me in that, lol) but I know that at least for a short time, she’d be here until she found a place or something.

    It’s just… I know with her being that close and the babies being that close, they’ll be here more often than not.

    It’s typical of my life. That’s all I’m saying.

  • Don W

    Kaya –

    (1) From my time at TES (NYC), I’ve noticed that people float in and out all the time. Sometimes because they just want to play at home, sometimes for other reasons. Of course our membership exceeds 500 people, so it’s not a big deal what a few couples do.

    (2) Has Jes made friends on base? That’s a great support system – or so I’m told.

    Good luck!

    – Don W


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