Under His Hand

The journal of a slave

The right way vs Master’s way.

Watersports done the right way = Before the shower.

Watersports done Master’s way = After the shower.

FYI: “Dude! God dammit, I just washed that fucking leg!” is not the appropriate response.

This concludes today’s PSA.

8 Responses to “The right way vs Master’s way.”

  • Fiona

    LMAO!!! Oh I do so understand that. Why does a nice washed area seem to be the best place to aim? I so don’t understand.


  • Lurker Dan

    Look on the bright side, it’s got to be better than, ” Dude, I just brushed my teeth!”

    • kaya

      Right! He’s done that before, too. God. Is he doing everything wrong or what!?

      • Garden Fence

        Augh. I feel like that has to be the toothpaste-plus-OJ effect, only ever so much worse.

  • Nicole

    I love it when you write about watersports. You don’t do it very often so it’s a nice treat. On the plus side, it wasn’t in your hair (or mouth)!

  • Professor

    I can hear him giggling from here!

  • TakenbyLovely

    I read this to Daddy.

    He lol’d. And then peed on me.

    Thanks a lot. :D

    • kaya

      hahaha! Sorry. ;)


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