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The journal of a slave

Time flies when you don’t want to post something.

It’s been seven days since I was first told to post this. Seems only fair (to Master) that I post seven pictures.

So you see! It can always be worse. Always. I should staple that note to my forehead.

But the horror is somewhat offset by being allowed to use a cut. I don’t know if everything will be behind a cut or if it’s just these particularly raunchy photos and I don’t care. Do not look a gift cut in the mouth. ;-)

So why are these any more vulgar to me than anything else we’ve posted? Well, besides the obvious up-close and personal view(s) of my most private areas, a lot of my reluctance is probably mental in nature. I was freshly fucked and Master was quite enamored with how swollen and pink and wet it all was.. and then the hair (which is getting grossly long now. I could have dreadlocks. Srsly.) so I wasn’t feeling any sort of clean or fresh or attractive… and then he was down there, all up in my “business” with the stupid camera, ‘ooh-ing’ and ‘ahh-ing’ and poking here and there and snapping pictures and telling me how they were gonna be posted and how he could see *everything* and.. and..

and if I keep yakking I can further delay the inevitable click of the ‘publish’ button.

Okay, okay. Just do it already. Bah.









23 Responses to “Time flies when you don’t want to post something.”

  • Lisa

    Oh that wasn’t so bad! (so says me who doesn’t have a blog and doesn’t post pictures) Kaya, you look fine, don’t stress it baby!

  • lil pet

    Oh kaya,

    You look delish hon. Try not to stress too much over it… I know what its like to have to post intimate pictures… I hate pictures of myself but Master enjoys them and thats all that matters.

    Just remember how brave you are and that you are doing the hardest thing in the world and that is serving Another’s needs and desires. It’s a difficult job and most people can’t put aside their feelings or wants… and you do, time and time again. Be proud of this accomplishment.

    *another fan of the bare pussy but you still look gorgeous sweety*

  • Maria

    Ouch, ouch, ouch!

    Just think–now that the pictures are posted, it’s over with! Done!

    . . . and the more you post, the further down the page this post gets. =p

  • His girl

    You are very, very brave. You have been my inspiration a number of times. When He asks me to do something I find scary, I just think about how brave you are & move right along! You go girl!

    His girl

  • Anonymous

    Somebody got vise grips for Christmas …

  • Anonymous

    I’d eat it.

  • lee

    I agree with lil pet — you do look delish!

  • honey

    you look great!!!

    i know i wouldn’t look anywhere near as good!!!


  • Coyote's Kitten

    It is amazing how vulnerable you can feel after being fucked by your Master. I know I feel quite vulnerable after my Master is done with me, and I admit I get nervous when He goes to grab the camera sometimes afterwards. But if porn stars who think they can act can do it… so can we!

    Whenever I get nervous about such things I simply remind myself. I am beautiful in Master’s eyes, so what does it matter if someone else does not think the pictures are all that great? Hell, in this case my opinion on that matter doesn’t even count.

    Proud of ya. *hugs*

  • the webslut

    *grabs some shells and rubberbands* Let’s get to it! *wicked grin* I’d SO fly up there to dred ya up if I had the money. *snickers*

  • morningstar

    THAT was it?? THAT was what you kept us all waiting for?? geeeez louise girl i swear you have posted more ‘vulgar’ pics than that .. haven’t you???? (cheeky grin)

    and i won’t be mean and nasty and say one word about your dreadlocks.. not one word.. promise!!! BUT have you thought of braiding it??? (cheekier grin)

    morningstar (owned by Warren)

  • Sunnilady

    Kaya – I don’t get what they see in a big open gaping cunt either but it makes M hard to see pictures like that of me. Thank goodness he doesn’t make me post them – I only post sexy pics not in your face pink parts with swollen lips. M usually takes photos when I’m in la la land and don’t care what it looks like because I hate that up close and personal camera clicking thing AFTER the fact.
    Dont sweat it I highly doubt anyone will recognize you from those pictures…and FYI – I’m bi and love women and typically don’t care for these kind of photos but something in this set was damn nice…hugs.

  • Sinnamon

    I swear I read that “do not look a gift cunt in the mouth” twice before I figured it out.

  • mastoDon

    Kaya – When are you going to post some pictures of your new short hair – or did I miss them?

    – Don

  • Mara

    I must not let Master see these… he will get ideas…

  • slave jane

    I have to say I agree with morningstar!! You had me on pins and needles for that?
    And yet..mmmmm mmmm mmmm lol
    Your gorgous girl!! Simply beautiful

    you dirty girl you! lol

  • Hisflower

    your pictures are beautiful kaya- and very hot…warm hugs, Hisflower

  • ashely

    I likes! But you have made me blush much more than that…

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  • Dave

    OK, Now that we have seen that, and very tempting you are too, lets
    get back to more exotic rhings. You know like how red your parts can get when “properly” seen to. Really, you are the best !!!

  • mickimichele

    Those photos were beautiful… You should be proud.

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  • Karl Elvis

    God, I love these photos. Hardware against – well, I won’t make that joke.

    YOu look absolutely yummy. Good enough to eat.


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