Under His Hand

The journal of a slave

Discipline or Punishment?

Today I had to sit on my bitch bench and write 100 lines about saying “please Sir”. I didn’t feel punished though. I felt it was more discipline, or training, than a punishment. So that got me thinking about what the difference is between discipline and punishment.
Discipline (to me) is being made to do something consistently and regularly. Take exercise for instance. You exercise to get, and stay, in shape. If you stop exercising, you will most likely not stay in shape for very long. And if you only exercise in spurts (say after eating a box of ho-ho’s you jog around the block) you might maintain some semblance of healthiness, though not as good as someone who exercises consistently and regularly.
Consider a triathlon as the punishment part of the Discipline/Punishment exercise analogy. If you take a person who doesn’t exercise regularly and stick them in a triathlon competition, they would most likely get their ass kicked. Compared to someone who does exercise regularly, they may not win but probably wouldn’t be collapsing in heart failure at the finish line.
If you have a sub or slave or whatever you call the “s” in your D/s equation and you, as the “D” seriously lack in the discipline department, do you think punishment is proper? Can you blame anyone but yourself for the “s” needing punishment? Obviously a sub who isn’t “exercised” isn’t going to be as good as one who is. You Doms took a full-time job when you accepted that “s”, you made an agreement, as did the sub. And when your “s” slacks, you have no qualms about whipping out a punishment(no pun intended..;)), so why should the sub have any second thoughts about forcing *you* to do your job in whatever fashion they can?
If you have a sub who is goading you into punishments consistently and regularly, I’d say your discipline is either lacking or non-existent. Subs generally have an innate desire to be pleasing, and purposeful bad behavior is a clear sign of a deeper issue.
I guess what I’m trying to say in that long-winded verbose way I have about me, is that if the things that Doms use as punishment were used more often as discipline then maybe some of the pushing and goading and brattiness would peter out. If I know that I’ll be on that bitch bench writing “please Sir” 500 times tomorrow *just because*, you can bet I’ll have no need to purposefully leave it off the end of the sentence. I don’t desire the wrath of the Dom and I want to please Him, yet as a sub, I crave the discipline and I will get it. Somehow. I’d think the easiest thing to do would be to please both of us though.
And Master, that’s just an example. I’m really not craving the bitch bench tomorrow…lol


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